2017 year

Actual problems of constitutional reform at the present stage

The Round Table

Constitution day the Department of constitutional law of Ukraine, Yaroslav the Wise National Law University held a round table “Actual problems of constitutional reform at the present stage”.

The goal is to create a platform for scientific debate on issues of constitutional reform with students and young scientists.

The event was opened and moderated the round table head of the Department, candidate of law. PhD, associate Professor T. M. Slinko, which said: “the adoption of the Constitution 21 years ago, without exaggeration, laid the Foundation for the development of the entire legal system for decades. Recognition of the principle of the rule of law, of direct action of norms of the Constitution, guaranteeing local self-government, other important principles of global constitutionalism, the establishment of the constitutional Court of Ukraine, Ombudsman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on human rights – all this happened thanks to the advent of the Constitution. Its values and principles are put into practice primarily through administration of justice activities of courts of General jurisdiction and the constitutional Court of Ukraine. However, the text of the Constitution is undergoing a reform, which should strengthen the Foundation of the unity of the society and will lay the Foundation for the formation of modern political nation.”

Students and young scientists discussed topical issues of organic constitutionalism, suffrage, reform of the justice system, legal profession, access to personal data, outlined the perspective directions of improvement of the constitutional text.

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