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Legal Basis of Guaranteeing And Protecting of Man And Citizen Rights And Freedoms

The Fourth International Scientific Conference

Conference Scientific Publications Digest

On may 26, 2016 Poltava law Institute of National law University of Yaroslav the Wise brought together scholars, faculty, staff, students, National law University of Yaroslav the Wise National Academy of law Sciences of Ukraine and other leading universities and research institutions from Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Moldova, Belarus, Russia, the United States of America, as well as representatives of public organizations – a total of about 180 participants – to participate in the IV International scientific-practical conference ” LEGAL FUNDAMENTALS OF GUARANTEEING AND PROTECTION OF THE RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS OF MAN AND CITIZEN”.

Plenary session was opened by Professor, academician of national Ukraine Academy of legal Sciences, Director of Poltava law Institute of National law University of Yaroslav the Wise Gutorova Natalia. In his introductory remarks, Natalia appealed to all the participants of the event with a greeting and gratitude for their participation and set everyone present a fruitful, hard work, and what should be the activities of a lawyer and scientist.

At the plenary meeting heard the scientific report on th. PhD, associate Professor of criminal, administrative and labour law PLI NLY of Yaroslav the Wise Bozhko Vladimir Nikolayevich on “the Rule of law as a principle of public service”. A high degree scientific richness of the report aroused the audience’s keen interest in the topics under discussion.

Speech of the following speaker – Professor of the Department of theory of state and law of NLY ofYaroslav the Wise Pogrebnyak Stanislav Petrovich – was devoted to the theme “concepts of Good governance and Good administration and human rights”. Scientist extremely creative approach to his speech, and presented its author’s view on the proposed concept. Extremely grateful to the distinguished Stanislav Petrovich published scientific developments.

At the plenary session report also presented Chernova Natalia – chief specialist of division of judicial work and international cooperation of the Chief of territorial administration of justice in the Poltava region. In the context of speech on the theme “ensuring the activities of the governmental representative for European Court on human Rights in the Poltava region”, the author has illuminated some aspects of the functioning of the said institutions in Poltava region.

Maintaining an extremely high level of cognition and personality views, the floor was taken by associate Professor of the Department of theory of state and law of NLY of Yaroslav the Wise Smorodinsky Victor with scientific report on “the Limits and effectiveness of legal regulation: a modern view on the problem.” In her presentation, she stressed the indisputability of the fact that law is an effective social regulator, rational means of ordering human activity in society. However, it was emphasised that the regulatory properties of law and its effectiveness should not be idealized and overemphasized, because with a lot of benefits, regulation has certain disadvantages, which are caused by a number of objective and subjective factors.

During the plenary session was held live from Latvia, in which were heard the scientific report on “The growth of powers of the Сourt of Justice of the Europian Union” master’s student of the Poltava law Institute Valeria Pakhomova, which according to the curriculum is an internship in Latvia.

The guest of Poltava law Institute National law University of Yaroslav the Wise became Goncharenko Vladimir Dmitrievich – doctor of law. MD, Professor, academician of national Academy of Ukraine, head of the Department of history of state and law of Ukraine and foreign countries of NLY Yaroslav the Wise. Vladimir Dmitriyevich addressed the plenary meeting, scientific report on “Changes in the legal status of the population of Ukraine during the revolution of 1905-1907”. Thanks to the distinguished scientist for the informative report and charismatic performance.

At the end of the plenary meeting the floor was given to the employee of the prosecution Ilyuschonok Elena Yurievna, who made a scientific report on “the Activities of bodies of Prosecutor’s office for consideration of addresses of citizens in terms of legislative changes”. The author highlighted the issue of the defined range of issues in practical terms, specific facts from my own experience and also drew attention to the low level of legal awareness of the population.

Fruitful part of the conference was the sessions, during which other participants presented their scientific views and debated on the legal reality. To provide a more detailed and complete discussion of topical issues of ensuring and protecting the rights and freedoms of man and citizen was allocated to 5 main areas of work of the Conference.

The first section “Theoretical and methodological aspects of the rights and freedoms of the person” addressed issues in the context of theoretical and legal views. Section leaders Pogrebniak Stanislav Petrovych, Smorodinskii Victor, Lukyanov, Dmitry Vladimirovich has established close contact with students, conducted a thorough discussion of the scientific reports and communications. Victor Smorodinskii it was noted that the work of the section was held with the epigraph “in a dispute born truth”.

In the second section – “the Rights and freedoms of the individual in the historical dimension” – examined the question of the formation and development of the rights and freedoms of the individual. Based on historical sources, were discussed the issues of the rights and freedoms of man through the prism of prominent historical events. He headed the section Goncharenko Vladimir, Kozachenko, Anatolii Ivanovich and Striletz Vasily. Popular this section has become especially among first-year students who have shown high level of interest to the process of formation of human rights from a historical point of view. Section leaders noted the extraordinarily deep level of knowledge of students and Kozachenko Anatoly Ivanovich noted that preparing students for the conference began in the beginning of the school year.

The third section “International legal mechanisms and international experience to protect human rights” has directed its activities to cover issues of human rights and freedoms of the individual at the international level, foreign experience of protection of human rights and on cooperation between Ukraine and other States in the area of human rights. The heads of sections Bozhko Vladimir Nikolaevich, Garkusha Andrey cooperated with students who were interested in proposed sections in the presentations.

The fourth section “the Role of civil society institutions in ensuring the rights of man and citizen” worked under the guidance of Polhovskfaya Inna Konstantinovna and MickhaylichenkoTatiana Alexandrovna. Summing up the work of the section, Inna Konstantinovna Polkhovskaya noted a high degree discussionist participants articulated and informative research reports. Students along with skilled scientists tried to come to consensus in the study of certain controversial issues. The result of the work of the section began a new, extremely useful knowledge for students.

In the fifth section – “public authorities in the mechanism of realization of the rights and freedoms of man” – the rights and freedoms of the individual were analyzed through the prism of the state institutions. Section leaders – Sidorenko Anna, Novak, Elena, Secretary – Panasyuk Alexandr. During the work of the section focused on the special role of prosecutors in promoting and protecting the rights and freedoms of man and citizen.

At the closing plenary associate Professor, Deputy Director on educational and scientific work of Poltava law Institute of NLY of Yaroslav the Wise Lemeshko Alexander solemnly congratulated all the participants, stressed the importance of scientific activities and invited to participate in similar events in the future. For the best reports, students were awarded diplomas.

The organizing Committee is grateful to scientists, practitioners and students for participation in the conference. Special words of gratitude to address Goncharenko Vladimir Dmitrievich, Pogrebniak Stanislav Petrovych, Smorodinskii Victor Semenovich, Lukyanov Dmitry Vasilyevich, Ilyuschonok Elena Yuryevna for the personal participation in the conference!

All indifferent to the rights and freedoms of man and citizen is expected to participate in the next conference in Poltava law Institute of the National law University of Yaroslav the Wise, until we meet again!

Conference Scientific Publications Digest

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