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General Information About The Conference, Its Organizers And Participants

The tradition of holding annual international scientific conference, which is dedicated for the memory of academician of law Y.M.Todyka, on a base of the department of constitutional law of Ukraine of the Yaroslav the Wise National Law University was founded in 2008. This annual conference has received positive comments not only from the participants of the conference, but also from guests of the event. Every year more participants join the event. Students, faculty advisors of the Academy, young scientists, postgraduates, holders of master’s degree and students of specialized higher educational establishment, and law faculties of higher educational establishment of Ukraine and Eastern Europe take part in the conference.

Conference is held in autumn traditionally. From 2016 the conference takes place in the form of a panel discussion of the best abstracts of scientific reports and reports selected by the Organizing Committee. The conference lasts for two days and ends with a summing-up meeting where certificates and other awards are presented to the conference participants in a solemn ceremony.

This year the jubilee conference is dedicated to issue of the Constitution of Ukraine in the Context of Modern Constitutional Paradigms. At the time of establishing the basic values of constitutionalism, it is important to deal with the role of the actual and legal constitution in this process, the ways of ensuring the stability and reality of the Basic Law. The essential attention will be paid to the examination of: the basics of modern constitutionalism; human rights in modern constitutions; contemporary problems of constitutional and legal evolution. And this, undoubtedly, will help us with the scientific legacy of Academician Y. M. Todyka.