Department of Constitutional Law of Ukraine

History, Staff And Scientific Activities

Department of Constitutional Law of Ukraine

The Department of Constitutional Law of Ukraine exists since 1992 with its present name. Theretofore the teaching of constitutional (public) law and conducting of scientific researches in this sphere were made in such departments: soviet public law (1943-1951); international public law (1951-1966); public and administrative law (1966-1977); public law of USSR and public law of socialist republics (1977-1992). The history of the Department is connected with the names of such famous scientists as V.O.Barakhtyan, R.S.Pavlovskiy, M.V.Yanovskiy, O.I.Svechkaryov, A.N.Sokolov.

There are 23 lecturers at the Department: vice-rector for academic affairs, Head of department, corresponding-member of the National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine, doctor of law sciences, professor, Y.G.Barabash; member of the National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine, doctor of law sciences, professor, A.O.Selivanov; corresponding-member of the National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine, doctor of law sciences, professor, V.P.Kolisnyk; candidates of sciences, assistant professors – L.K.Bayrachna, F.V.Venislavskiy, I.I.Dahova, V.I.Kychun, O.G.Kushnirenko, L.I.Letnyanchyn, S.Y.Lukash, V.V.Rechytskyy, T.M.Slinko, Y.V.Tkachenko, O.O.Chub, E.V.Tkachenko, O.P.Yevseyev; candidates of sciences, assistants – O.V.Nesterenko, V.V.Seredyuk-Buz, G.V.Berchenko, I.V.Garaschuk, Y.A.Kolinko, A.S.Bakumov; assistant – V.I.Kovtun. The head of the department cabinet – I.P.Isayenko, laboratory assistant – O.O.Grechko.

The member of the National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine, professor Y.M.Todyka was the head of the Department from 1992 till 2007. Since 2007 the Head of the Department is doctor of law sciences, assistant professor Y.G.Barabash.

There are the following courses lectured on the Department: the fundamental course of “The Constitutional Law of Ukraine” for the second-year students, the basic course of “The constitutional jurisdiction in Ukraine” for holders of master degree, and also special courses such as “Rights and freedoms of human and citizen of Ukraine” and “Constitutional status of associations in Ukraine” for the fifth-year students of correspondent courses in public legal specialization.

For the period of its existence on the Department was prepared and edited such manuals and educational materials: “Constitutional Law” (edited by Y.M.Todyka, 1997); “Constitutional status of the associations in Ukraine” (T.M.Slinko, O.G.Kushnirenko, 1998); “Rights and freedoms of human and citizen” (O.G.Kushnirenko, T.M.Slinko, 2001); “Problems, special cases and tests in constitutional law of Ukraine” (O.G.Kushnirenko, F.V.Venislavskiy, 2001); “Constitutional Law of Ukraine” (edited by Y.M.Todyka, V.S.Zhuravskiy, 2002); “Constitutional Law of Ukraine in diagrams and definitions” (O.G.Kushnirenko, T.M.Slinko, F.V.Venislavsksiy, 2003; ); “Constitutional Law of Ukraine. Reader”(Y.M.Todyka, V.S.Zhuravskiy, 2003); “Constitutional Law of Ukraine” (edited by V.P.Kolisnyk, Y.G.Barabash, 2008); “Constitutional Law of Ukraine” (Y.G.Barabash and others, 2010); “Constitutional jurisdiction” (Y.G.Barabash and others, 2011).


Y. G. Barabash

Significant contribution in the formation of the Department of the Constitutional Law of Ukraine was made by the member of the Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine, the Honored Scientist of Ukraine, doctor of law sciences, professor Y.M.Todyka. He was an author of more than 250 scientific works, including more than 50 monographs and manuals. The most important monographs by professor Y.M.Todyka: “Constitutional Law of Ukraine: the branch of law, science, academic discipline” (1998), “Fundamentals of the constitutional order of Ukraine” (1999), “The President of Ukraine: constitutional and legal status” (1999), “The Constitution of Ukraine: Problems in the Theory and Practice “(2000),”The constitutional basis of the legal culture” (2001), “Nationality in Ukraine: Constitutional and Legal Aspects” (2002), “Interpretation of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine: Theory and Practice” (2003),”Constitutional legal status of human and civil rights in Ukraine” (2004). Among the scientific works of professors of the Department should be mentioned the following: V.P.Kolesnik – “National-ethnic relations in Ukraine: the theoretical foundations and the constitutional-legal aspects” (2003), V.V.Rechitskiy – “Political activity, Constitutional Aspects” (1999), “Constitutionalism. Ukrainian Experience” (1999) and “Symbolic Reality and the Law” (2007); Y.G.Barabash – “Parliamentary Oversight in Ukraine (the constitutional and legal aspects)” (2004), “State-legal conflicts in theory and practice of constitutional law” (2008), E.A.Chub – “The constitutional right of Ukrainian citizens to participate in the management of public affairs “(2005); L.I.Letnyanchyn – “Constitutional rights and duties of citizens in Ukraine: problems of theory and practice “(2006); I.I.Dahova – “Constitutional and legal status of the government in foreign countries” (2008), A.P.Yevseyev – “Procedures in the constitutional law of Ukraine” (2010); E.V.Tkachenko – “Constitutional and legal regulation of language relations: Comparative Legal Aspects” (2010).

The Department is actively engaged in legislative, scientific and expert activities. Teaching staff of the Department participated in the drafting of the Constitution of 1996 and the development of such laws: “On the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine”, “On the central bodies of executive power”, “On State of Emergency”, “On freedom of movement and free choice of place of residence”, “On information”, “On Access to Public Information” ,”On normative legal acts “, “On languages”. The Department regularly provides scientific expertise on demand of judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, committees of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, central and local executive bodies, as well as local authorities of Kharkiv. The Department maintains close relations with these state institutions, in particular with the Scientific and Methodical Council of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine.

The range of research in the Department is rather wide: the theory of the Constitution, the establishment and development of Ukrainian constitutionalism, state-legal conflict management, constitutional and procedural relationships; the legal status of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the President of Ukraine, the constitutional foundations of ethnic and linguistic relationships in Ukraine, the constitutional and legal status of human and the citizen; problems of interpretation of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, issues of citizenship, the status of political parties, media and other civil society structures, the problems of political activity of citizens, the territorial structure of Ukraine, issues of electoral law and legislation, the legal status of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, etc. At the present stage of scientific research specialists of the Department concentrated on the analysis of development of modern constitutional process in Ukraine, further development of constitutional law. In 2006-2010 work of scientists was directed to the fulfillment of the target program “Human rights and problems of organization and functioning of public authorities and local self-government in the development of civil society”. In 2011-2015 Department is beginning the hard work over the complex target program “The constitutional and legal problems of the rule of law in the operation of the mechanism of public authority in Ukraine.”

The members of the Department annually take part in International and All-Ukrainian scientific conferences, seminars and round tables. In particular, the following events were attended: the VIII annual Fulbright conference “The Intelligence and Power” (Lviv, 2004); the seminar “The actual problems of using of vote laws in consideration of disputes by courts” (Kyiv, 2005); First Kurasiv Readings “Ethnopolitical situation in Ukraine before the Parliament elections” (Kyiv, 2005); the conference “The problem points of vote legislation: parliament and local elections 2006 in Ukraine” (Kyiv, 2006); the round table “Constitutional mechanisms of political stability in Ukraine” (Kyiv, 2007); The open meeting of “Ukrainian Forum” on the theme: “Is there any threat to parliamentary system?” (Kyiv, 2007); forum “The public assembly of Ukraine” on the ground of creation of the new constitution of Ukraine (Kyiv, 2008); the round table “Formation of the access to the archives of the secret office” (Berlin, 2009); scientific conference “The constitutional process in Ukraine: achievements and problems” (Kharkiv, 2009); conferences “Constitutional rights and freedoms of human and citizen in a context of cooperation of society and state” and “Problems of constitutional and municipal building nowadays; (Moscow, 2010); educational program “Supremacy of law” (Washington, 2010) etc. The annual international scientific conference “The Constitutional Readings” in memory of academician of law Y. M. Todyka since 2008 is held on the basis of the Department.

The results of scientific explorations of lecturers of Department are published in such popular scientific editions as “Herald of The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”, “Law of Ukraine”, “The problems of Legality”, “University scientific notes”, “Enterprise, Economy and Law ”, “Law and Safety”, “Law Science and Education” etc.