Yuriy Mykolayovych Todyka

(1942 – 2007)

Y. M. Todyka

10th of February 2007 is the date, when died Yuriy Mykolayovych Todyka, the outstanding academician of the Academy of law sciences of Ukraine, the Honored Scientist of Ukraine, Doctor of Jurisprudence, professor, the head of a Ukrainian Constitutional Law Department of the National Law Academy of Ukraine named after Yaroslav Mudriy.

Todyka Yuriy Mykolayovych finished the law faculty of the Kishenyovskiy state university (1969) and postgraduate course of the Institute of state and law of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1972), then has started his career in jurisprudence. In 1972-1984 he worked as a younger research assistant, and then the scientific secretary of the Department of philosophy and law of the academy of science of Moldova. In 1984 Y.M.Todyka had taken a responsible work of the assistant of the Head of Prezidiya of the Verhovna Rada of Moldova, which is the actual head of the country. It is amazing that all this time he combined his scientific and administrative work with teaching, he lectured the course of the Soviet Building in the department of legal subjects of the law department of the Kishenyovskiy state university and contributed to legislation process by becoming a coauthor of the Constitution of the Moldova Soviet Republic in 1978 and other legislative acts.

In 1990 he started a new period of his life, he was invited to lecture in the department of state law of the Kharkiv law Institute. In two years he became the head of the department. Y.M.Todyka did much for its development. It seems symbolical that under his direction the department has obtained its actual name-the department of the constitutional law of Ukraine.

Y.M.Todyka is the author of more than 250 scientific works. Among the most prominent works we might mention the following works: ”The Constitution of Ukraine : problems of theory and practice”, ”The Interpretation of the Constitution and the Laws of Ukraine: theory and practice”, “Citizenship of Ukraine: constitutional implication”, “Basics of the Constitutional System”, “Constitutional Basics of the Legal Culture Formation”, “The President of Ukraine: constitutional status”(co-author),“Constitutional and Legal Status of a Person and a Citizen in Ukraine” (co-author) and many others. Y.M.Todyka is the main co-authors of the constitutional law of Ukraine textbook, which has received an Award named after Yaroslav Mudriy recently.

Y.M.Todyka took part in the creation of the department of state and law science of The Legal Sciences Academy of Ukraine. In January 1996 he had become a head of the Department of State and Law Sciences of the Legal Sciences Academy of Ukraine. Y.M.Todyka was doing expert judgments on cases which were examined by the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.

Y.M.Todyka was also a prominent lecturer whose lectures will remain in memory of many generations of students and practical workers. He was never sorry of sharing his ideas – on the contrary he was happy to leave them in the world. Y.M.Todyka has shaped the worldview of many famous lawyers who thanks to him have fronted a wide route of science, politics and business. In total he brought up two Doctors of Laws and 16 candidates of law.

There is no doubt that Y.M.Todyka was one of the most prominent figures of the modern Ukrainian legal science. Thanks to such scientists as Y.M.Todyka the National Law University named after Yaroslav Mudriy remains a leading institution of higher education in Ukraine.